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‘Beyond the Halal standard, there are many other ways that Malaysia can support the growth of the global Halal industry. Malaysia is setting up a global reference centre in Halal knowledge and Halal-related services, including fatwa know-how, information on Halal certification, capacity building, business opportunities and incentives. The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) has taken the initiative to develop a Global Halal Support Centre (GHSC) for both investors and consumers. HDC has also introduced its innovative Halal application on iPhone platform to help consumers locate Halal food premises or restaurants using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Google Maps. Users will also be able to obtain immediate mobile access to the Halal directory, e-codes and Halal related fatwas, Halal industry news and knowledge by the end of 2010 ’
– Prime Minister June 23rd, 2010 - Dato’ Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak

The GHSC is established by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) to position Malaysia as a world leader and global reference centre in halal knowledge and halal-related services, for both investors and consumers.

GHSC functions, as close as possible, to be a focal point for companies, investors, researchers professionals as well as service providers in halal industry in order to get in touch with almost all halal-related information. This information compasses of halal principles, industry statistics, market trends, certification compliances in addition to research advances and innovations.

OneTouchPoint (OTP), a cornerstone project of GHSC was officially launched by the International Trade and Industry Minister, YB Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed. The Centre offers wide-ranging services that are advantageous for those in the halal industry, both established and aspiring. It is meant to offer comprehensive, integrated and knowledge-oriented services which relevant and central to enhancing public understanding of halal and its expansionary development. Since its commencement in June 2012, OTP attracts more than 6,500 visitors from 56 countries that include the embassies, trade commissioners, business entrepreneurs, broadcasting station from CNBC and Kazakhstan, multi-national companies, government bodies, official delegates and individuals.

The services included application processing and advisory services, conference & exhibition (MICE) services, a well-stocked Halal Knowledge Centre and all manner of information dissemination on Halal including a Modern Compendium of Halal, knowledge broadcasting services via cutting-edge technology such as Mobile Halal Apps, iKiosk, Widget, B2B Portal, social media networking and lastly, VIP meet-and-greet services at airports and management services with “power-pack” presentations on the halal industry for investors and top industry executives. Halal Apps for instance, was done in collaboration with Nokia Asia Pacific to enrich their renowned Ovi Store.

For application processing and advisory services the Centre engages in training programmes, consultancy work on corporate programmes and assist those keen to register halal products trademarks or participate in the many 24 Halal Parks located throughout the country.

The launch of OTP also unveils the new revamped GHSC Portal which is equally active as an online medium for those savvy with this approach. It stores more than 2.5 million database and market intelligence information covering topics and subjects such as food, agriculture, ingredient compound, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and national export database as well as international fatwas. This is a productive stop to obtain the right information on anything related to Halal development. Up to date, HDC portal and its mini site attracts more than 24 million online visitors from 130 countries annually.

The Centre runs business clinics and pocket talks. It also offers space rental for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) for product launches, interview and product showcases. In brief, it could be regarded as the hub of all future Halal activity and a reference centre for obtaining and disseminating information on halal development.

An essential arm of the GHSC will be the Halal Knowledge Centre (HKC) which houses the Library, a huge resource of more than 8000 reference materials including books, reports, journals, newspaper clippings and research papers. The Centre is a haven for all forms of Halal literature and current information and statistics on the industry which is one of a kind available in the world. All the current, past papers and poster presentation presented at HDC’s annual event called the World Halal Conference (WHC), are also stored here in the Halal Knowledge Centre for easy user’s reference.

GHSC membership can be applied either physically or online and is open to both Malaysians and non-Malaysians. Different categories of membership have been made which includes individual, corporate, institutional and governmental.

Moving forward, GHSC believe B2B Portal as the next ancillary project; will set to be the World’s First Halal B2B Portal backed by government that will boost the market penetration for Halal certified companies.

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