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No Code Title Category Source Status
1 E414 Acacia gum Thickener, Stabilizer Plant Halal
2 E160(b) Annatto (Arnatto, Annato), bixin, norbixin Color Plant Halal
3 E163 Anthocyanins Color Plant Halal
4 E408 Bakers Yeast Glycan Thickener, Stabilizer Microbes Halal
5 E162 Beetroot Red, Betanin Color Plant Halal
6 E459 Beta Cyclodextrin Stabilizer, Binder Plant/ Microbes Halal
7 E160(e) Beta-apo-8'-carotenal (C 30) Color Plant Halal
8 E227 Calcium hydrogen sulphite Preservative Chemical Halal
9 E226 Calcium sulphite Preservative Chemical Halal
10 E160(a) Carotene, alpha-, beta-, gamma- Color Plant Halal