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Halal Knowledge Centre

Malaysia has identified the Halal industry as one of the industries targeted under IMP3 for development and promotion which is expected to become a significant contributor to economic growth. HDC has been established to create the avenues and to encourage stakeholders to take advantage of the increasing opportunities within the Halal industry. Food ingredients and additives is one of the industry sectors that HDC has taken a strong interest in. Brimming with information, the Halal Knowledge Centre focuses on delivering knowledge in this sector as a gateway towards better understanding of the Halal industry.

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Food Ingredients & Additives

As one of the main focus areas to be addressed promptly in the Halal industry, food ingredients & additives play an important role beyond just your diet. Learn more.

Industry Database

HDC understands the need to always be kept informed on the most authoritative information available. Browse through the vast industry database. Learn more.
There are other several programs initiated under Halal Knowledge Centre, to name a few :
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