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In pursuit of knowledge development, we espouse the sharing of halal and industry information with you. With contributions from various internal and external industry stakeholders, we have in our collection, industry know-how and best practices - to assist you in the development of your halal-centric business. For existing Halal-industry players, information provided in our library is designed and gathered to help you further enhance your operations as well as sharpen your business acumen. The subject matters covered are in-depth and comprehensive. We believed the content is of the highest quality, in particular content related to standards of excellence in compliance with quality and safety standards. These are critical determining factors, and they are of paramount importance when it comes to preparing your halal business needs in accordance with the tenets of Islam (Halalan Toyibban).

These knowledge materials encompasses on Halal, industry and market know-how based on four (4) new growth of Halal market clusters :

(i)  Halal Ingredients

(ii)  Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic

(iii) Specialty Processed Food

(iv) Livestock

 Library collection will cover:

  • Monographs (Books, Brochures etc)
  • Speeches
  • Industry Databases
  • Journal and journals articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspapers clippings
  • Research papers
  • Slides expert presentation
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMs
  • HDC publications
  • E-Books
  • Halal Guidelines