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What is the Halal Industry development Corporation and its functions?

The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is an agency under the Ministry of Economic Affairs(MEA). In general, HDC is to co-ordinate the overall development of the industry with its main focus being the development of Halal standards, capacity building for Halal products and services as well as to promote and facilitate growth and participation of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market.

The function of HDC:

1. Coordination of policies and programmes of national halal agenda as stipulated in IMP3 and Halal Master Plan
   » formulate broad SME policies across halal industry
   » coordinate, monitor and evaluate effective implementation of policies and programmes across halal industry

2. Centre on advisory and information
   » provide business advisory
   » disseminate information on Government Incentives on SMEs in halal industry investment
   » channel for feedback on SME issues
   » liaison for domestic and international communities on SME matters

3. Business support
   » nurture and develop competitive SMEs through specific capacity building programmes and financial advisory
   » enhance competitiveness of SMEs in halal industry
   » provide infrastructure support for SMEs like Halal Park
   » facilitate linkages with large companies and MNCs


How can HDC assist SMEs in halal industry?

HDC will assist SMEs to penetrate the global market through the following measures:

» Assist SMEs in capacity building and compliance to international standards such GMP and HACCP
» Promote and brand Malaysia halal products by SMEs to ASEAN, Africa and Middle East countries
» Nurture and assist local halal SMEs to overcome weakness in managing finance, product development, packaging and marketing of their products
» Encourage the use of the internationally recognized barcode GS1 ( Global System 1) for all halal SMEs enabling traceability system and complying to EU market requirement.

The establishment of HDC specifically focus on halal industry development. However, we will continue to collaborate with other government agencies on how to further accelerate the development of SMEs.

In the area of Halal Training, what are the types of training being offered by HDC?

HDC’s Halal Training Programme are specially designed for both Muslims and non-Muslims who have genuine interest in learning more about Halal. The HDC’s halal training modules and their contents was developed by experts in halal matters on both Syariah and Technical background from various Universities, Research Institutes, Government agencies and HDC’s staff. The courses offered are well structured and focused on the need of the public at large and the industry in meeting global demand.

The courses are:

» Halal Awareness Program
» Halal Industry Program
» Halal Professional Program


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