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Halal Life Style Channel

TIARA CHANNEL was in brilliant apt response to an appalling demand-supply gap of the 2.3 trilion USD Global Halal Economy. Halal being fundamental to the Muslim way of Life, addressing this Most Sacred of Issues resulted in not just a BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY & Guaranteed Huge Business, but an opportunity of the most Benign and Epic Proportions!

Cross-cultural, across Continents, countries, races, ethnicities, languages & topography, the Halal Market is a Niche bigger than even the biggest country’s population. TIARA CHANNEL breaks the paradigm of Niche being essentially small, for this Niche is anything but that!

Branding itself as the World’s First Halal Life Style Channel, TIARA TV along with its Online Shopping Portal is at the forefront of a technological revolution which is re-defining entertainment as we knew it holistically integrating Entertainment, Information & the Selling Experience into one Potent Compelling Force as it fast-tracks forward. It is the generation next, of Communication with seamless integration of Information, Entertainment & Purchasing. Tapping the Only Market in the World where the demand far outstrips the supply, the Global Halal Market, TIARA CHANNEL collaborating with the best in their respective businesses – HALAL INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (HDC), the only government backed body driving Halal economic activities throughout the world, and ASTRO, the region’s dominant satellite & cable tv channel, it is owned and operated by TIME ASIA PRODUCTIONS (TAP) who’s professionals have launched TV stations, created more than 10,000 hours of Iconic TV/Film Content across countries and launched Mega-Star Careers.

TIARA TV with its online B2C Portal is best poised and strategically placed to give the Malaysian Halal Industry a make-over of the kind never experienced before. It is committed to provide Branding Opportunities and sell HDC’s 5,000 plus Halal Certified Client products both Domestically & Internationally.

Most Online or TV entities are stand-alone, but TIARA is the only Eco system which combines TV with Online Shopping. Beginning as a 2 hour Belt in ASTRO across Ria, Prima, Oasis, Ceria & Maya, TIARA will be a 24 hour channel by the end of 2015. By early next year TIARA will be an all pervasive OTT – Over The Top, across Smart Phones, Tablets, Taxi TVs, Screens across Railway/Bus/Air Terminals and in them! Being everywhere, TIARA CHANNEL's influence will be all pervasive symbolizing Halal as avant-garde, top quality, safe and healthy.

Unlike conventional TV, TIARA places products inside its programs directing traffic to thereby converting impulse to buy into sales! Register with at affordable rates – brand, sell & prosper! Or Register Online Now!


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