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VIP Management Service (VMS)

VIP ServicesThis VIP Management Services are open to all the VIPs & Investors to GHSC OneTouchPoint. The services include the “Meet & Greet” services at airports and other destinations (MNCs), VIP Lounge; which is available for rental and “Power Pack” presentations on halal industry & HDC corporate programmes during the visits. VIPs and highly profile investors will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the CEO of HDC upon his availability and importance of the discussions topics.

Local and foreign investors may customise the VIP Management Services based on their needs and requirements:

  • Visits to designated locations such as Halal Parks, relevant business point, and specific government agencies etc.
  • Meetings arrangements with CEO of Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) as our value added services (subject to availability and early advice to HDC).
  • Exclusive Dining at recommended Halal Certified Hotel restaurants.
  • Food and Beverage for luncheon during meetings and discussions.
  • City Tour and Shopping.



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