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Halal Guide Book

Get a copy of your own guide to halal, safety and quality food today.
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The first of its kind, the Halal Guide Book for Food Producers is a handbook for halal food producers and consumers who are interested to have a better understanding on the halal, safety and quality food compliance. This book highlights the guidelines and step-by-step approach based on Malaysia Halal Food Standard (MS1500), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and also Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is comprehensive in scope, yet easy to understand with illustrations and images.

Five (5) key areas are the main focus in this handbook of halal, safety and quality food compliance, namely Management, Receiving, Processing and Handling, Delivery and Storage. These key disciplines will translate all the points that need to consider and implement by the producers, as well as educate the consumers on the supply chain of the halal food production. Tips for consumers to consider before buying food are also included in this handbook.


Industry players   Consumers
  • Better understanding on halal, safety and quality food compliance
  • Increase the business know-how and prepare the business to be competitive in producing halal food products
  • Strengthening the food product branding by complying to the highest food standard
  • Understand the halal food production supply chain
  • Better insights on the Malaysia halal certification requirements on food product
  • Spur interest in becoming halal entrepreneur