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Industry Database

Exclusive for knowledge savvy people, HDC truly understands the need to always be updated and able to access the most authoritative information available. Halal Knowledge Centre provides Industrial databases that features hundreds of thousands of information with interactive tools that allow users to perform custom searches.

With contributions from various external industry stakeholders, we share with you enriched articles about industry know-how and best business practices, fulfilling your technical requirements as prelude to embarking into Halal-centric business.

For existing Halal-industry players, information provided by the captains of industry, further enhance your business acumen, operational skills; as well as lifestyle needs. With in-depth and comprehensive subject matter covered, presentation materials fulfill highest standards of excellence in compliance with Quality and Food Safety Standards. These are critical determining factors of paramount importance when preparing your halal business needs in accordance with the tenets of Islam (Halalan Toyyiban).

Note : To view the selected content, users are reminded to access through external database section in order to maintain the user login authentication with our syndicated database system.

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